12 Expert Tips To Lose Weight After 40 

Published on Sep 7, 2020

The human body undergoes significant changes between the age of 35-40 years of age. Once it reaches 40, these changes can be seen in the form of weight gain near the belly area.  At this age, it gets super easy for the body to gain weight but extremely hard shedding the extra pounds. This can be seen in the form of a perpetual belly bulge in people over 40. These changes could be hormonal, in the form of lifestyle habits, muscle loss, slowing metabolism, eating habits, etc. Whatever may be the reason, the end result is that you gain weight.

Common healthy habits like regular exercise, eating right, and getting good rest can help to control this weight gain. However, there are some things you need to keep off too; junk foods, sedentary lifestyles, and overeating can accelerate this weight gain drastically.

How to lose weight after 40? If you follow a healthy approach towards eating and living out your life, you can easily beat this extra weight and keep your body lean and healthy. Here are 12 tips from health experts that you can follow from today:

  1. Eat your fruits and vegetables and cut down on high-fat and sugary foods. Include more fruits and fresh, leafy veggies in each diet.
  2. Have a healthy morning meal like oats or whole-wheat bread toast. Keep your appetite in check with small meals at regular intervals or you might end up overeating submitting to hunger-pangs.
  3. Get the maximum of your daily calories before 3 PM. Practicing this helps slow down weight gain after 40. Keep the meal light at night to stay lean.
  4. Cook healthy meals yourself instead of ordering or going out and eating oily and fried foods. Eat healthy meals that are baked, grilled, or boiled.
  5. Track your calorie intake and how much you burn. There are several health gadgets/wearables that let you monitor your overall activity, use them to stay sharp, and focused on your health.
  6. It goes without saying that you should lay off from junk food, sugar, soda, etc. If you must drink, then choose sugar-free beverages.
  7. Cut down on alcohol and drink plenty of water. Get your sleep right because unhealthy sleeping habits lead to obesity. Don’t watch late-night shows on the TV while lounging on your couch.
  8. Exercise regularly, those who start exercising on a daily basis from their mid-20s or 30s are less likely to put on those extra pounds after 40. Workout for a minimum of 3-5 hrs per week.
  9. Losing muscle after 40 is inevitable, this slows down metabolism but if you exercise to gain muscle, you can control this weight gain to a greater degree.
  10. Try to stay stress-free. As stress causes overeating and hence the accumulation of fat. Stay relaxed, practice mindfulness, try yoga, and live a healthy lifestyle.
  11. Consult a doctor, nutritionist to fix a healthy diet or hire a gym trainer to guide you to the right workout regimen. Seeking professional help always helps.

Practicing the above regimen will surely work towards cutting down those extra pounds. It is not that hard to stay in shape if you take care of overall health and stay cautious about what you eat and when you eat. 

Stay healthy, stay fit!