A great team

Published on Sep 17, 2020

You can never underestimate the value of having a great team, who can adapt and stand up when it is needed.

A great team of people does not happen by accident. You have to build the team over some time. Slowly and surely, you will weed out the under-performers and replace them with people who can not only perform at a high level but exhibit the behaviour of a good team player.

This week, I had some cause to reflect on my team at work. 2020 has not been an average year for anyone, and with all that has been thrown at my team this year, they have held firm. No whinging, no carry-on, focus on the tasks before them.

In our work from home, lock-down situation, it's hard to acknowledge and celebrate the efforts of a great team. We can't go out to the pub to celebrate, and an online get-together just doesn't cut it.

Regardless of the situation, I need to take every opportunity to let the team know they are doing a great job. Whether speaking with an individual or a group of colleagues, my favourite farewell is always, "keep up the great work", and that is what they are doing.