Apple Event Sep 2020

Published on Sep 17, 2020

I have to stay up last night for another late-night Apple Event because it starts at 1 am in my timezone. I take a two hours nap first before midnight and spend another hour to work after the event end. Nowadays, I will stay up for Apple event only.

So what's my favourite announcement last night?

Fitness plus - it combines the usage of Apple watch + Apple tv / iPad to create a unique experience. Too bad the initial launch didn't include any Asia country. I feel like giving it a try when it launches over here.

Apple One - Just like everyone expected, Apple bundle their services a launch a "combo" deal, the price range sounds ok to me, although I wish the bundle is giving a higher discount. The family plan is a good deal if you have multiple family members in the Apple ecosystem.

iPad Air - This refresh makes the new iPad Air a hot deal, compare to iPad Pro with the higher price point, the iPad Air it's much more affordable, with all those eye-catching designs + colour it's more attractive then iPad Pro the old school design.

I guess this event is just an appetizer only, I m more looking forward to the main dish, the iPhone launch events that coming in Oct.