Back to normal

Published on Aug 24, 2020

I have been away for a week, I might still appear here and posting something on my twitter, but that's it. I have stopped the rest for the past week. It happens last weekend after I m stresslaxing for the weekend and thought to pull myself up, who know I start to fall sick since Monday.

You feel weeks when you sick, other then my flu virus, my right feet is a pain for an unknown reason and I got some project to rush live in that week; I decided to put most of the practice / positive habits aside.

What I still maintain is

  • write my daily post here
  • doing one daily design on my twitter
  • 16:8 daily fasting, but no 24hrs fasting.

It feels like I can only do these without much effort, most of the time I want to lie down and hopefully, the body aching gone or the running nose no longer comes out those sticky things.

Before the weekend started, I start the feel better and sort of recover, I try to start some code shipping, but without much success, it feels like the body has recovered to 80%, but the mind is still 50% there only. I decided to continue to take a break at the weekend.

Monday is always the kickstart day for a week, at least that's what I feel. Let's hope today; I can remove all those negative ill-feeling and move forward.