Body Checkup

Published on Sep 10, 2020

I have been trying to avoid doing body checkup since 2018. My last medical checkup is 2017 after I kickstart Keto. During that time I can tell lots of improvements to my body after I started Keto. The past two years I have been on and off on the road of Keto, that are times that I lost control want to eat all kind of junk food, and there are times when I travel can't avoid taking more carbohydrate than usual. The weight is always the measurement I use to remind myself; I lost control again.

This year due to COVID, we have grounded at home for a few months. It's hard for me to Keto during this period, and it reflected clearly on the weight. After we get into RMCO, the kids went back to school; I told myself I couldn't give up like this, I need to back on track.

I have been getting back to semi Keto since I feel like this might be the way that more suitable me. I start fasting again, and even sometimes, I do 24 hours fast. I begin to do some 5 minutes of exercise too, it has been a pause for a few weeks due to my illness and foot pain.

 I went for a clinic for a full body checkup last week, and I just got the results yesterdays. Everything looks ok, except I have some uric acid issues. What surprised me is this is the first time of medical checkup that my cholesterol actually at an average level. I remember the past few years; my cholesterol is always high before 2017 ( the year I start Keto). 

 I believe it is the combo of semi Keto + fasting + supplement that my wife bought for me. Currently, my weight is at the lowest point this year and I m pretty confident if I manage to continue this, I going to hit my weight goal this year.