Bought a new house

Published on Aug 26, 2020

Today is the day that I am going to sign the contract for my new house. This house is my second house and is complicated. I stay in Johor Bahru Malaysia and I m a Singapore PR. I bought an HDB in Singapore 5 years ago. Original I thought I am going to move back to Singapore, but because of lots of factors, I believe will continue to stay at JB for the next few years. So we think of house hunting next years because we need to be five years apart to own an oversea property after having HDB in Singapore.

But there's an opportunity drop suddenly, one of a neighbour at my mum neighbourhood is moving out. My mum chats with him and find out that he wants to sell that house. We kind of like my mum area neighbourhood, a gated neighbourhood without worry for security and got two parks for kids to have fun. Since we deal direct with the owner, both of the sides can cut off the agent fees, that save quite a lot of money. So the owner decided to sell the house to us.

The past two weeks, we have been busy talking to the bank for loans and talking to agents for insurances. After this, we might need to busy with the renovation. 

Hopefully, this is a good day to sign a contract and thanks for my parent for helping out for getting this house.