Client From Hell - 4

Published on Aug 28, 2020

So I meet another client from Hell from my last year projects. The original discuss building a web app for their event. We have a great launch last year for their first event. So everything has launched, and full payment is received, there is still a bit touch up to be complete, so I think of sort it before their next event.

Then this pandemic happens, and before that, one of their presidents passes away. So now let see what the contact point been trying to do.

  1. Point out apps it is not fit their pass away president vision.
  2. The contact point is going through chemotherapy now, keep claiming she is weak and prefer to talk rather than type.
  3. Best is she want to bring another of their exec into talking where that exec is famous for scolding people without any reason.
  4. When I reply since you are doing chemotherapy now, why not get other people to work on this, she keeps repeating their internal issue to me.
  5. The reason why I am thinking to change contact windows is I found her doesn't talk into sense.
  6. The latest request want to able to publish/unpublish the app and can store it using the google drive?

I don't want to be the one that after received money and go, but I have done my extra mile. Don't try to take advantage too much when people give in.