Confirm Two Nocode Deal

Published on Sep 9, 2020

I remember talking about getting my first revenue through building something for #nocode platform vendor and hopefully can soon having income from clients by using #nocode. I have just confirmed two deals this week and going to use Adalo to complete both.

The first one is a new customer referred by some of the ex working partners. They need something fast, and more like a cosmetic function, so I pick up the details and find it can build with Adalo pretty easy. The only missing part is they need a count down timer which Adalo market place doesn't have. So I make it and submit for the market place at the same time.

The other one is my existing customer looking for some new solution. I build up a mockup on Adalo to show them, but I quoted two quotations for them. One is the usual coding building from scratch, and the other is using Adalo. The pricing different is Adalo about 15% more expensive include mobile while build from scratch doesn't include mobile. In the end, the client chooses Adalo.

I'm excited after coding for clients for so long, finally, I can complete some work with GUI and point & click. I am looking forward to onboard more clients on the #nocode ship.