Cooler days

Published on Sep 10, 2020

I'm not too fond of the sweltering days during the summer in Melbourne, where the temperature can exceed 45 degrees Celcius. On days like this, all I can do is bunker down into the one room in the house that has air conditioning.

This summer will be different, and we are going to get air conditioning through the whole house. It will be well worth the expense to have all the rooms in the home cool during those stinking hot days.

By 2050, there will be an estimated six billion air conditioners in use throughout the world. This will be three times the number of today, with two-thirds of all households in the world owning an air conditioner. When running, all of these air conditioners will consume a quarter of the world's total electricity.

Unfortunately, there is a vicious cycle occurring here. As the days get hotter, the need for cooling will increase. More cooling will require more electricity to be generated, thus increasing the greenhouse gases, which will make the outdoors even hotter. Trying to keep cool is making it hotter.

Somehow, I am going to have to strike a balance. Maybe I will cool only a few rooms, or perhaps improve my home insulation. Either way, I can't go through another summer without some more cooling, it's just too damn hot.