Dealing With Spams

Published on Sep 5, 2020

The spamming issue is getting worse lately, so I'm taking that into account in the new website. 

Not sure why some people have time to spam an indie website, but it's getting annoying. I've spent the last couple of days deleting spam articles, banning fake users and IP addresses, to no avail.

The problem can be dealt with in a variety of ways. 

First, Cowriters is obviously too easy to get started with, since you don't need to confirm your email address. I need to force the new user to look into his emails to access his dashboard, not just redirect him. It will ensure the user is using a legit address.

I could force a minimum number of words, but that can easily be bypassed by copy-pasting.

Another much needed feature is a "Report as Spam" button. Members with a certain number of published articles would trigger an alarm to automatically remove spams from the main feed. I would just have to check the flagged texts and decide for myself.

I also need a back-office to directly ban users and their IP addresses.

A last resort could be to use social logins, but I'm not a big fan of this solution because I don't want any data to leak to these third-parties.

Those are all the ideas I have at the moment. The Recaptcha security mechanism already prevents bots from registering, but I still need to deal with annoying marketers. If you have any tip/idea regarding that, let me know :)