DIY Green Web Hosting

Published on Sep 10, 2020

I'll be paying $320 in green web hosting between March 12 2020 and March 11 2021. $27 per month is not excessive to run multiple websites, but it's still shared hosting with only 2Gb of RAM, so I'll eventually need to upgrade.

I'm perfectly satisfied with my current hosting provider, but I can still cut costs while improving my web server's performance.

$320 is a lot of money to play with. With this amount, I could buy an 8Gb Raspberry Pi 4 Model B ($85), a USB battery ($65), and a 180W solar panel ($165). In other words, I could build my own off-grid dedicated web server running on 100% renewable energy.

It would be ideal to distribute pre-rendered offline-first websites over a free content delivery network. Using renewable energy would also mean no recurring costs, except for the high-speed Internet bill. Building a secure web server is a well-documented activity nowadays, so it wouldn't impact security either. Buying additional Raspberry Pi to build a server cluster would allow for load distribution and content replication, to provide high availability and content recovery.

The unused RAM could also be rented to other makers for an additional income source. I would love to have a cool side business that doesn't focus on software, and it would allow me to participate in the rise of a greener Internet.

I have till March 11 2021 to figure it out. I wouldn't need external funding to test out the idea since I can get started with cheaper Raspberry models (as low as $35) and smaller solar panels: I just need to find a way to increase the speed of my Internet connection and a few hours to order everything.