Get my Product mood back

Published on Sep 4, 2020

September has started four days. I have been getting most of the things back in place except for my product work. It loses some starting momentum; it might be due to physical tiredness or maybe just plainly the mood. I can't kickstart any product work at night time.

My nighttime routine usually likes this now day, after coming back from my parent place for dinner is around 8:30 pm or 9 pm already. I am getting the kids ready for bedtime. Sometimes if my wife is on course or having zoom meeting in the night, I have to look after the kids. Most of the time, when settling down is around 10 pm already. I need to sleep before 11 pm, or latest by 11:30 pm since I wake up 6:30 am. It's kind of hard to do anything within that one hours plus. Most of the time, I do some retweet and working on my 100days of design.

I decided to take a half-day from my daily time today, so working on some of my product, hopefully, this help to kickstart my product mood and product engine. I use to plan to put 50% of my day time on products, but it doesn't work since I have quite a lot of freelance work during day time and I avoid to drag my freelance work into the night time. So maybe a Product Friday will help.