Hello, World.

Published on Sep 14, 2020

Hello, World!

So my first draft was weirdly deleted, I will try rewriting some of it here.

First, a quick introduction, I am a Front-End Engineer currently based in Barcelona, I previously lived in Stockholm and Budapest before that, and I am originally from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and now trying to slowly break into being a digital nomad and hope to travel a bit once the world goes back to normal (hopefully!).

I like to talk about digital products and tech, aspects of technical interviews and careers.

I also blog at https://risoli.co and my current project is launching a newsletter for developers like me who want to break into content and writing, you can also find me in just about every social network if you want to follow me, I am also on every app as I usually try out every new thing that pops up my curiosity in Product Hunt.

For now I am trying to use this website and do the 200 words a day challenge and see how long I can keep this up, testing my creativity, so this will probably be some rambling, if you managed to get this far, congrats!

Stay tuned!