I thought I lost my streak

Published on Aug 30, 2020

I jumped out of bed 5 minutes ago. I thought I forget to write anything yesterday and lost all my writing streak. It feels sort of upset to start my iMac, open my browser and type the 200wordsaday ( Yeah, I still using the old domain to come here every single day).

The first thing I check is the Fellowship page; I found my name still there beside my all-time buddy @jasonleow. Is there some glitch? How come my name remaining there? I thought the system might have some issue; maybe I can still write or publish a post to fix it.

Checking on "My Words", I didn't found my draft post? I thought that I wrote a draft post yesterday and didn't finish it to publish. That's why I jump out of bed just now and blaming myself, how can I forget? That's something I do it for routine for the past 6xx days. I understand the condition of focus and my body are not great for the past two weeks, but I shouldn't forget things that have repeatedly been doing every single day. It's like you won't forget to brush teeth.

In the end, check my post on the published tab, double confirm the latest post date, and I finally found out that I did publish a post yesterday. It feels relief the whole thing just my imagination; I didn't miss my writing schedule yesterday.

 Damn, it feels real that I thought I miss it.