I've given up being a morning person, for now

Published on Jul 22, 2020

I've used the Sleep Cycle app for a while now and the data has been fairly accurate, although not to a T. It has given me some insight.

No matter what time I go to bed, I fall asleep around 4 a.m. 

Often, going to bed earlier allows one to wake up earlier. But not for a night person. We just don't feel sleepy.

As waking up late has bothered me for a while now, I'm quite familiar with nearly all tips sleep experts have suggested for better sleep. I don't have a problem with sleep. I have a problem being a morning person.

Though, the most common tip that is singled out for being the most effective usually reads as follows: 

"Wake up the same time every day, regardless of what time you go to bed. Initially, you will be tired but over time, you'll get better at it and when the time rolls around, you'll wake up naturally."

My brain: If you don't have a particular appointment, why should you ever wake up sleep-deprived and waste the entire day? If you're tired today, you won't be able to exercise (this gives me the most joy lately) or accomplish anything. It's simply a waste of time, and life is short enough as it is.

It does make logical sense.

I never like feeling tired on any day. A sleep-deprived day is a day spent moping about aimlessly. 

So I decided to change the way I think. If I naturally fall asleep at 4 a.m, so be it. I should maximize my day till 2 a.m, and not rush to bed by midnight hoping to fall asleep when instead I'd be rolling about, or getting up and down.

If I sleep at 4 a.m I'd then wake up at around midday. 

Yes, it is a late start to the day I know. But I guess if the day doesn't end till 2 a.m I'd be having the same amount of hours as a morning person ish.

So yeah. Whatcha gonna do?!