<div>Too much Risk to relies on other platforms</div>

Published on Sep 14, 2020

I didn't rest pretty well this weekend because of a client project, I become the person I dislike much to spam a few channels to get the support, but I got no choices and the client's need to demo to their users tomorrow.

So it happens that a few weeks ago, I got an enquiry to build a launch app for an agency for their event launch, it's pretty simple and straight forward for the requirement and I m thinking to use Adalo to build it. The deal finalizes on previous week Friday, and the design has confirmed too.

I found that I need a count down timer because Adalo doesn't have one, so I build the component during last week weekend. I thought within one week; this component should approve pretty soon. Last week there are some design changes, and I need to build another component for the round button which allows to growth when you pressed. I make it in two days and hope that this will be approved quickly.

One more day has passed, and I have received the feedback for both components. I continue to work on some of the feedbacks and hopefully to get approval soon, and it's already Friday. I talk to one of the developers in Adalo to make sure do I need another backup plan, in case the component won't be in time for Monday demo. He told me the component should approve before Monday, and he will go through the changes during the weekend.

Last night ( Sunday night ) I still not getting any feedback, so I try my best to msg in the slack community and email to cc everyone I know from Adalo, to get a status update. Finally, before I sleep, the developer lived my component in private mode ( which I can access but not other users that can access market place ).

I feel that it is too risky to rush a project, but without full control, I might need to have better planning for a working project on other platforms.