Let's talk about support

Published on Aug 25, 2020

I make a design last night talking about support should be a high priority in any business after handle some technical support with a hosting company for my clients.

It's been a while to talk to these live chat support for WordPress technical issue with a  hosting company. Most of the time either I m dealing with professional managed WordPress hosting's live chat support, or I can talk to the VPS hosting support which always able to tell me about what happened to my site.

So one of my client's site goes down, her site hosted with one of the local hosting company, So I help her to talk to supports, and it is frustrating the whole experience.

I talk to the first guy, and he insists his end no problem ask me to restart my network or router which I have friends that tested from a different country and all see the site down.

After that, he says he will check again, idle for a while and the live chat disconnect. Yup the live chat will drop the conversation if idle for too long.

So I try to connect again, and now new support talks to me and start the check again. After a while, while I waiting for the support to check and the live chat disconnect again.

So I try to connect the third time, but this time I ask the new support to redirect me back to the previous support, rather than start everything again.

So the second support continues to check for me and in the end, her reply is we will send an email reply to you after we find out the cause.

This morning when I check the site, it's still having the same problem. I guess this is what my client pays for.