Low Carb Ice Cream

Published on Sep 7, 2020

Today I made my dad a low carb ice cream from scratch.

I have done it a few times for myself but it felt like a wonderful thing to do for my dad after lunch today.

Here are the steps if anyone wants to do it as well.

Step 1. Here are the ingredients to buy ahead of time.
   Heavy cream
   Monk fruit sugar.
   Vanilla extract
   Dark chocolate cubes
   Pre-made chocolate brownies (low carb) ---- Sister made this so I can't detail the steps for this part.
   One bite size banana or strawberry.

Step 2
   Pour a half a cup of heavy cream into a mason jar with a lid and add a table spoon or two of the monk fruit sugar.
 Add a couple of drops of vanilla extract.
   Shake the jar for about 5 minutes until the cream gets thick and solid like a warm ice cream.
 Taste for consistency and sweetness.
 Continue shaking and adding monk fruit sugar until preferred taste.

Step 3
   Break up chocolate cubes into small pieces and add to mixture in jar.
   Break up salted cashews into small pieces and add to mixture in jar.
   Cut up your fruit of choice and add as well.  (I used a tiny amount of banana but strawberries are even better)
  After putting everything together, make sure to mix it all up properly.  
  Then place in freezer for 20-30 minutes.

That's it.
Plate with a few pieces of low carb brownies on the side and enjoy guilt free ice cream.

Here is an image of what I made - LINK