Make your accomplishments seem effortless

Published on Sep 9, 2020

As a person of power, you must research and practice endlessly before appearing in public, onstage or anywhere else. Never expose the sweat and labor behind your poise. Some think such exposure will demonstrate their diligence and honesty, but it actually just makes them look weaker - as if anyone who practiced and worked at it could do what they had done, or as if they weren't really up to the job.

Keep your effort and your tricks do yourself and you seem to have the grace and ease of a god. One never sees the source of a god's power revealed; one only sees its effects. 

Humanity's first notions of power came from primitive encounters with nature - the flash of lightning in the sky, a sudden flood, the speedy and ferocity of a wild animal. These forces required no thinking, no planning - they awed us by their sudden appearance, their gracefulness, and thier power over life and death. And this remains the kind of power we have always wanted to imitate.