Make your accomplishments seem effortless

Published on Sep 10, 2020

There is a reason for concealing your shortcuts and tricks: When you let this information out, you give people ideas they can use against you. You lose the advantages of keeping silent. We tend to want the world to know what we have done - we want our vanity gratified by having our hard work and cleverness applauded, and we may even want sympathy for the hours it has taken to reach our point of artistry. Learn to control this propensity to blab, for its effect is often the opposite of what you expected.

The more mystery surrounds your actions, the more awesome your power seems. You appear to be the only one who can do what do you - and the appearance of having an exclusive gift is immensely powerful. Because you achieve your accomplishments with grace and ease, people believe that you could always do more if you tried harder. This elicits not only admiration but a touch of fear. Your powers are untapped - no one can fathom their limits.