Maker Logs - Day 657

Published on Sep 1, 2020


  • Homepage - Switched the design layout to a full grid one.
    How to make community content stand out without favoring one member over another?  How to display a variety of information without overwhelming the user or without a side panel? How to make the design more intuitive to navigate, easier to scan, and mobile-friendly by default?  Using a grid of cards with varying fonts and colors is the way to go.
  • Homepage - Articles for a given day are now randomly picked.
    The homepage picks random articles to be featured for each day.  It creates a fairer main feed for every member since everyone is now equally visible: posts used to be sorted by descending published date, so you were at a disadvantage in terms of visibility if you used to publish early in the day (the article would get drown in the next page). It's better for SEO too since the content varies on each visit.
  • Homepage - Display the author's avatar in the bottom left corner of each article card.


  • Wrote "Maker Logs - Day 655/656"
  • Wrote "Grids", a short essay about why I decided to use more grids in my designs.

Total tasks: 5