Maker Logs - Day 663

Published on Sep 7, 2020

September 5, 2020


  • Stripe - implement redirectToCheckout
    Implemented the form and the backend logic to redirect an user to Stripe's payment interface.
  • Stripe - a user can subscribe to the patron plan
    Finished stripe checkout's integration. A user can now buy the  patron plan. Clicking on a Buy button will redirect him/her to a secure  Stripe page for payment processing. On complete, an event is sent to a  webhook in my backend to update the user's information.
  • Stripe [backend] - added an API endpoint for patrons to retrieve their plan details and their invoices
  • Settings page - display invoices and receipt links
    A user can read a summary of his invoices (amount, time period, etc.) and the corresponding receipts to be downloaded in PDF.
  • Settings page - a user can modify his password
    Implemented the NodeJS logic to update your password.
  • Text editor - rewrite editor component with hooks
    React Hooks make the code more readable, so I'm just gonna  rewrite the text editor component with hooks like I did for the rest of  the app.


  • Wrote "Venture Studios"
  • Wrote maker review of September 4

Total tasks: 8