My App - Part 1

Published on Aug 27, 2020

I am not sure if I should call this an app just yet. It is a seed of an idea. Still a baby in my head. Yet I find myself getting giddy.

I was trying to do some things the last few months. I love the planning phase of things but on the good side, I am detailed. So I document everything I am doing and also outsource freelancers with domain expertise.

Step 1 - Wrote down my idea for doing something I needed to do. 

Step 2 - I keep improving on how I needed to do it. 

Step 3 - I started to research how others did what I was trying to do. 

Step 4 - I documented how a lot of successful people did that thing into steps. 

Step 5 - I created a map/time table for how I was going to execute that just like the successful people in the past. 

Step 6 - Identify what my distractions are - add it to the Avoid list.

Step 7 - Researched to see what steps I could eliminate

Step 8 - Identify what the ONE thing was that would make everything else easier or unnecessary. 

Step 9 - I did what I was setting out to do. 

Step 10 - I looked for a way to automate steps 1 - 9. 

Step 11 - Create a clean, simple and visually appealing app for 10. 

This is basically what I am doing and hope to showcase my data science skills with.
Leaving out the boring details until I have final product to display.

Stay tuned.