Newsletter subscriber count

Published on Sep 16, 2020

I have quite a few products on hand; lots of these have a landing page and newsletter subscription box. Instead of browsing the site visit landing page by landing page, the new way I use to predict will any products might be in trends, is based on the newsletter count.

One of the landing page that having top newsletter count is my ChatGram landing page, the idea is about having a bot builder for telegram bot. I build this last year when I join the Producthunt competition. Currently is more than 100+ subscriber and it continues to increase every month. It is one of the top priority product on my list.

The next one on the list is MetricsHQ; it is one of my year 2020's only about 25% of what ChatGram have but since is pretty new and nothing much marketing has been done except promoting on Twitter.

The 3rd one is the NocoderHQ, it's surprising since I brand this as a #nocode Agency, yet there are still people who want to subscribe to it for the newsletter. I think upcoming I will be making use of this list to share products that I build through the agency and the niche topic on #nocode mobile app builder.

The last one is my GetPay. It only 15 counts for now but in my opinion anything that more then ten means it does hit some sweet point. GetPay is my primary focus for now, so I hope to grow the number.