Next Steps (2020 Q3)

Published on Sep 11, 2020

After 48 hours filled with stress and anxiety, I have finally managed to stabilize the new application environment. It's time to take a deep breath and think about what I have to do next.

I see the next milestones as follow: 

  1. Bring back the collections, the notifications, and the patron/fellowship/open metrics pages
    I had to sacrifice a few things during the migration to make it in time on September 10 and obtain feedback on my work over the past two months. Speed is of the essence, but the last months have been too slow to make any meaningful progress. It was high time to leave my cave and start working in public again.
  2. Implement an offline-first architecture
    An offline-first software architecture would not only allow for better performance and SEO, but also for a more robust experience. Server down, no Internet? No problem, everything is stored in your browser and ready to be synchronized when everything goes back online. No time to finish your post? You won't have to wait for the website to load, everything is accessed near-instantly from your local storage. You could also "download" Writelier on your computer as a progressive web app and use it like any app or desktop software. 
  3. Add new patron features: analytics with natural language processing
    This is something I've been playing with for a few months now. It would be great to have a way to auto-tag your articles and organize them together into computer-generated collections, while learning more about your writing habit and yourself.
  4. Launch a new product: Writelier's headless CMS
    While working on Bouquin (a platform to transform ebooks into websites to read and sell them), I found out I could use my code to create a multi-purpose CMS to help writers make a living from their work. The idea would be to merge this concept and Writelier to release an app in-between managed headless CMS and no-code static website generator. You would be able to take a collection, seamlessly import it to your CMS, add pictures and other media files, and launch everything as a blog, a newsletter, or an ebook with Progressive Web App features on your own domain name.
  5. Launch Writelier's blog
    I learned a lot by writing every day for almost two years, and I think there is a lot to talk about when someone wants to develop a writing habit and make the most of it. A blog would be a great start to organize all this knowledge, while giving a platform for Writelier's members to talk about their journey and how writing helps them (inspired by Abraham Kim's podcast interviewing members of 200 Words a Day).

In parallel, I will keep on tweaking things as I go (design, bugs, etc.), marketing the website, and ask for feedback. This is the roadmap I'm heading toward right now, but I'll of course re-evaluate it on a weekly basis depending on how things go and the feedback I receive.