NocoderHQ Brainstorm - 2

Published on Sep 8, 2020

I continue to brainstorm the direction of NocoderHQ; the primary focus should be still a #nocode Agency and maybe focus on a specific niche in #nocode Industry.

As a #nocode Agency, I want to focus on building for clients with Airtable related #nocode tools, for example, table2site, pory, Adalo and my API2widget. All these tools can be integrated with Airtable nicely, while I am working for the app level, clients can manage their data with Airtable easily.

Besides that, I m thinking to launch Adalo Productize Service. Adalo is powerful, and it can be used for both web app and mobile app. My favourite part is it can integrate with external API. Besides that, some of their features need some coder mindset to use. The only problem is it doesn't look nice, at least that's what I feel if you compare to Glideapp UI.

Besides what the #nocode agency does, I need to have some niche topic for my NoderHQ twitter account. Everyone is talking about #nocode, what makes your twitter account so unique that others want to follow. I m planning to focus on other than talking about Airtable related services ( because of what my agency provided services ). I want to focus on mobile #nocode tools which include like Glideapp/Adalo/Appgyer/Thunkable etc.

These are NocoderHQ moving forward direction.