NocoderHQ Brainstorm

Published on Sep 3, 2020

I have been thinking to build a nocode agency + nocode productize service provider, but there are too many tools that are out there in the market. I am always brainstorming about how I should position this NocoderHQ brand.

What have I been doing currently for NocoderHQ?

  • Build components for nocode platform.
  • Promote some of the nocode platform tweets on twitter.

Some of the ideas that I have includes

  • Focus on some of the tools only; there are too many nocode tools out there.
  • Example as an Airtable focus Agency, I focus on tools that make use of Airtable as backend like Pory/Adalo etc.
  • Another thing I would like to focus on mobile app nocode tools like Adalo/Glide/Draftbit etc.
  • Focus only nocode mobile app tools doesn't mean that I am going to build apps for each platform; it can be the focus of my twitter account; only talk about these platforms.
  • It sort of like marketing purpose + knowing the market.
  • I do think about to be extreme niche, focus on Adalo only.

I do brainstorming one of the side projects to launch under the NocoderHQ brand is like a showcase app that builds for Nocode Maker to showcase what they make. I wonder will this something required by nocode Maker out there? What do you guys think @jasonleow & @andrewtsao?