Product Friday to Product Weekend

Published on Sep 5, 2020

I was planning for a Product Friday, spend half of the day on products work to get my product motivation back. It's both failure and success. The failure part is due to some client's support and some last-minute discussion; I only spend like 1 hour on my product work rather than half of the day. The successful part is the whole focus on coding the product did spark my product engine and put my product mood on.

Since there is a good spark at the start, I don't want to overburn it. I stop when the time is dinner and control my urge to get back on it in the night time. Instead, I put the desire back to my Trello board, aka my brainstorm board to plan what I am going to do for this coming weeks.

Firstly I want to get "GetPay" subscription feature works. After yesterday that one hour work, the subscription feature is almost ready, going to one more round testing before launching it. Once the part lives, I'm going to write some marketing content to sell how this thing can work with the nocode tools out there.

The second thing is I have to get my Adalo subscriptions for six months free by buying the JoinScret membership, there are a lot of other exciting tools included but I m going to focus on Adalo now.

After finishing the planning last night, I spend another 1 hour trying to build a new Adalo component. Its serve for two purposes, making something for Adalo and I need this component for one of my potential project.

It's going to be a busy Product Weekend.