Product Weekend week #36

Published on Sep 7, 2020

Last Friday, I tried to dedicate some times for my product work to kick start my product engine back again. In the end, I only manage to spend an hour on it, but it does help to trigger some spark on my machine and make it move.

So I turn the semi failure Product Friday into Product Weekend. It's quite a cooling weekend, other than enjoy the cold weather; I spend 50% of my time to continue some of the product work. I didn't complete a lot, but it feels great to start feeling exciting with my products again.

I complete the GetPay subscription features but haven't deployed yet. I am going to focus on deploy & testing in production this coming week. Besides that, I need to put more effort into marketing for GetPay. I am going to write at least two use case for GetPay and trying to put it in indiehacker form to get some feedback.

Other then GetPay, I complete one new component for Adalo this weekend. It's the count down timer component. There is still some resizing glitch.  I have submitted my version 1.0 for Adalo review while waiting for some feedback for the resizing glitch that I have. Let's hope it is going to live in time for my freelance project.