Random thoughts for today

Published on Aug 20, 2020

  • Learning about digital freight forwarding and autonomous supply chain models.  Fascinating!
  • The busier I am, the more I should prioritize self-care and not the other way round.
  • There is no shame in lowering your weights, lowering rep counts, and starting from the basics.
  • In my quest to find a job, I'm so lucky to have projects and requests - yet many are also looking to take advantage. 
  • Hamilton is a great musical - but there isn't one song that is a cut above the rest. Think about Defying Gravity from Wicked, or I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables; people can relate to it outside of the story, whereas all the songs from Hamilton are too specific. However, the whole thing in totality is just super awesome. If you haven't watched it yet, it is a must. The wordplay is just superb and the music is a dream. I decided to start learning how to rap with "Satisfied" and honestly, it wasn't too difficult - I just happen to pass out from running out of breath :P
  • Too many people have been travelling nowadays despite the advice that we should all avoid it unless it is essential - I'm not sure if I should meet friends who have just returned from neighbouring countries that are on the quarantined list (or not.) Anyone has any opinions on this?