Random thoughts of the day

Published on Jul 25, 2020

  • Obsidian is great, but I just realized that I also want to publicly share my second brain; does anyone know of a WordPress plugin that supports bidirectional linking with posts or in any other way?
  • I have no idea why my airdrop works only from MBP to iPhone and not the other way round. WHYYYY? Googling has not helped. Ugh!
  • Somehow the audio recording app in my iPhone has disappeared and I've used videos to record audio. What the heck?
  • Been accepted at the University College London's Incubator mentorship network. Hurrah! I was the only Growth Marketer who applied amongst a network of investors and CTOs, so now a first-come-first-served list needs to be created for startups to meet with me so everyone gets a chance. I'm excited to share whatever knowledge I have. (still have imposter syndrome)
  • My goal by the end of the year is to be able to do pull-ups, unassisted. So for now, I'm working on my mind-muscle connection for my lats.
  • Generally, people feel empowered and happier when they put their well-being first, then work second. If you ask (crazy) morning people what makes their early mornings super great, often an answer might sound like this, "Oh, by the time I got to the office at 9 am, I've already done a HiiT session, meditated, cleaned up my house, and this makes me feel so accomplished." It's not the activity that matters, its the fact that they prioritized their needs first thing for the day where they have the fullest control over their lives, and now will go on to work where very little is within control. Putting what makes you happy and healthy first thing in the day makes work suck less, because you've already done what truly matters. And yes, having little control truly sucks.