Registration for the car enthusiast

Published on Sep 11, 2020

Having a fleet of historic cars should not break the bank when it comes to registration. In Victoria, after the compulsory third-party insurance fee is added, registration can cost over $800 per year. If you own one or more historic cars, that can get quite expensive, if you only drive those cars occasionally.

Without a reduction in the registration cost, many of these historic cars would be too expensive to drive on the roads and would spend their time in garages collecting dust. What's the point of owning an historic car if you can't drive it.

Fortunately for the historic car enthusiast in Victoria, a discounted registration fee of $150 will allow you to drive your historic car for a period up to 90 days per year. To qualify as a historic vehicle, it needs to be over 25 years old, be in good working order, and the owner must be a member of an approved car club.

There are many thousands of cars that take advantage of this special registration, and they can be seen on parades and rallies most weekends. For the historic car enthusiast, it is the opportunity to show off their car, whilst enjoying the drive on some great roads.