Self-help gurus are no masters...

Published on Sep 9, 2020

...but lifelong practitioners themselves. 

It's easy to think that people who teach leadership, self-love, vulnerability, mindfulness, emotional resilience etc., like Brené Brown or Tony Robbins are experts in their field. But they are also practitioners of what they preach. And that's what most people forget. These skills need to be practiced, just like a muscle needs to be exercised over and over again. 

Most probably, they teach such a topic not because it comes easy to them, but rather because they needed to learn it. And it was hard. But it paid off. And now they want to share that gift with others. 

A wise friend once told me that often we try to solve in the world, what we struggle with in the inside. 

In her case it was about building a transparent and collaborative company culture and movement, while struggling to live these values on the inside. 

Another wise friend told me that "we want for others, what we want for ourselves."