Stable September

Published on Sep 2, 2020

I have solid months in June and July but have a significant fall in August. I m not rushing to put everything back in September. Instead, I am going to slowly put the engine back, avoid to continue downfall and keep the line flat first.

After having a bad month, you usually like to push it all in for the next month and hopefully get yourself back in shape with wholly of productivity, but most of the time it didn't work and worst case scenario you might even fall further.

So I m not going to set an ambitious goal this month, just getting myself back on track again and keep it stable. 

Firstly, I manage to keep around 40% self-improvement activity, and I want to get myself back to 80%, this includes like all the reading and 24 hrs fasting. Get my routine back first.

For my work, other than my standard freelance work, I only want to finish the revamp app, which been holding since last year. The original plan to complete last month, but I only manage to kickstart the previous week.

For products, I want to finish whatever should be done for GetPay last month and focus on doing some Adalo stuff. There are some outstanding tasks which might be on hold first and spending more time to connect with other #nocode makers socially.

September is going to be a month that I pick up whatever leftover last month and getting it back on track.