Stripe Checkout and GetPay - 1

Published on Sep 12, 2020

I think a lot of people confuse what "GetPay" one of my products does? In simple words, it helps you to create a link to your Stripe Checkout Page without doing any coding. It sounds pretty good for #nocode maker who wants to make use of Stripe Checkout.

You might think what Stripe Checkout is? You can check out this tweet from Stripe Twitter account which has a short video demo how Stripe Checkout Work. You can visit their demo page to see how the actual Stripe Checkout work. They are having their product launch on Producthunt yesterday too.

After you understand what Stripe Checkout is and feel pretty interested in giving it a try. You can do it two ways, first, if you know how to coding, there is sample code for a few programming languages that you experience it or you can find any other services that integrate with Stripe. There are quite a lot of numbers of products in the market integrate with Stripe to allow you to collect money includes

  • Form-based services like Type Form & Paperform
  • Payment page services like TillyPay & Payhere
  • The landing page that integrates with Stripe - Carrd & Landen

What if you want something different and you don't know how to code? GetPay might be what you need? Let's talk about GetPay in more details tomorrow.