Stripe Checkout and GetPay - 2

Published on Sep 13, 2020

How does GetPay work? GetPay connects to your Stripe Account and pulls all the products that you create. Configure some of the parameters with point and click and GetPay generate a unique link for you. Put this unique link on the place ( landing page/form/twitter/website), and when your user clicks on it, it will redirect the user to the Stripe Checkout page. It's easy and straight forward.

If you check on Stripe Checkout documentation you can see lots of coding sample has been given, if you have some coding knowledge, is quite simple and straight forward to implement. Getty might not be impressed to them. If you get any Maker that only have tools experience and non-coding background, this is where GetPay is going to impress them.

I think the highest risk of this product is when Stripe decided to launch their GUI interface to create payment link like this. If the products can start to get some trends, these are the few things I want to implement to make GetPay unique.

  • Analytics - I doubt you can implement any analytics ( includes GA or FB pixel ) on the Stripe Checkout. Still, we can allow our user to implement their analytics on the page before redirect to Stripe Checkout.
  • Stats - We can track the redirect compare with the success rate of the purchase of products; this allows the user to see the success rate and maybe can even doing AB testing on it.

I'm still brainstorming what other ideas that can make GetPay unique but I guess I need to get some real user feedback before I can decide.