Sweet September

Published on Sep 2, 2020

August had been simply awesome! If July was promising, then August had definitely lived up to July's promise, and more. If the trend continues, September will be schweeeet.

Here's the stuff that I need to sustain, start and stop:

? Sustain and take it higher

  • Daily code - an hour of code every day, till my SaaS product gets launched. Next up, Rails RESTful APIs, integrating it with Nuxt, and eventually putting them all together into a production-ready app ready for the market. Starting to think about what SaaS exactly will I build that I can make a living off.
  • I'm hitting my ideal weight soon, probably this month. Will need to make some changes to fine-tune the interconnected balance of diet, fasting and cold thermogenesis to maintain the weight. Continue to keep inflammation low, and limit fried foods to once a week.
  • Devouring podcasts like nobody's business, during my lunchtime jaunt outside.  Great inspo, and super happy that I managed to steal an under-utilised band of time for it. Running out of quality podcasts to listen to now...anyone got recommendations?
  • Continue Thursdays for Sweet Jam Sites, Fridays for Keto List. Plan SEO and content marketing for these two sites. Experiment with the marketing channels that suit my strengths and personality. Try out off the beaten track channels.

? Start anew

  • Fitness: Seriously need to start running and working out again, after 6 months of no workouts. Muscle loss is a real issue when on an elimination diet combined with fasting, so it's not just vanity metrics but for real health! How I will plan it: steal a band of time again, leave slightly earlier for lunch, but in sport attire, and do a quick workout before buying lunch back. 
  • Sleep quality and quantity. Chronic rest/sleep deprivation means hyperinsulinemia and inflammation - so it's not just about being more productive. Sleeping early, by 11pm, i.e. laptop shutdown by 10pm, shower and lights off by 1045pm. Need more monitoring of sleep quality, using sleep monitor app. Stop water before sleep, by 10pm. Read up again and try out Dave Asprey's tip on taking a small teaspoon of honey for some brain glucose for better sleep. 
  • Money: Sort out claims and get money compensated. Find more gigs - Toptal, Carousel. Use my grant directory to search for grants to get paid projects. 
  • Aspirations: Re-start my daily $2 note jar ritual and journalling in my black book.

? Stop - stuff I should stop doing

  • Stop feeling bad for needing some deep focus time. It's ok to close the door from time to time. 
  • Stop collaborating with others. Too much drama. Just do my own thing. Don't have to feel guilty about it. Give myself permission to be 'individualistic'.