The process of buying a house

Published on Aug 27, 2020

I bought my second house yesterday. 

I bought my first house ( HDB ) from Singapore gov five years ago. Based on my memory, everything is pretty smooth and easy. The Gov builds the HDB, so you settle most of the process with the HDB, which is pretty convenient.

For our second house in Malaysia, after paying the initial deposit to the owner to confirm our interested. We have been getting some financial consultant to help for a secure bank loan. We need to prepare all sort of document to apply for a bank loan from a few banks. Luckily We manage to secure the loan within our budget. During this pandemic time, it sort of hard to get a bank loan.

Once we sign off the bank loan offer, yesterday we are attending to a law firm to sign the agreement with the owner. It's like nearly ten sets of documents, and you need to sign on every page. So you are going to prepare a fully signature that you usually will use and an initial that you are going to apply on each page.

Once all the document has signed off, we just going to wait for the law firm to process all the required steps and within three months we should be able to get our house.

We have planned some light decoration and hopefully can move in before next year lunar new year.