The Pure Joy Of Automation

Published on Sep 9, 2020

I'm lazy. It is a good trait, especially for coders. Being lazy makes you want to maximize your "lazy" time by automating your non-lazy time. That sounds ridiculous but it is what it is. It gives us more time to do other manual things or automate them as well. In the end, everything will be automated, and living in this era in it is pure joy. Even doing some minor things for yourself.

Automation is a high-leverage activity. Doing something once today, you can replicate the same action endlessly without additional effort. Automate once, run as many times as you need. In my Data Science projects, I always prioritise tasks that will save me time later higher than anything else. It eliminates borings tasks and gives more space for creative projects.

Automation is fun. I couldn't feel more joy than when I see something is working without my participation. That makes me count all the hours I spent doing it manually before.

Automation is getting democratised. No-code tools allow many people to touch APIs and services and orchestrate them into pipelines. You can build profitable products without coding experience. It's even cooler. You can automate your automation, what could be better?