The reason of buying a house

Published on Aug 29, 2020

I talk about bought a new house and the process of buying a new house. Let's talk about why my wife and I were buying a new home during this pandemic time.

First of all, we have been planning to get a new house in the gated neighbourhood for a while. Mainly because my wife feels insecure staying neighbourhood without it and you can always hear about the robbed case through the internet and newspaper.

We think that my gated neighbourhood my parent currently staying is quite not bad and we been hunting house around there for some time. Most of the time, the pricing is relatively high and is still a bit early from the five years restriction that we have after buying the first house in Singapore.

This new house opportunity is coming at the right time. During the pandemic time, the owner wants to sell it; the pricing is quite ok most likely is going to lower than market value around 20%. Besides that the house is just two houses away from my parents and sister house, it's going to be convenient if we are staying here.

We do worry about financing the house at this period, but my parent has gladly sponsored us 50% of the house. They wish to leave one house for each child. I m gladful without their help; it's going to be a lot more painful to financing this house.

They are not rich, but they are role model as a parent to me.