Things that I learn for pushing #nocode

Published on Sep 12, 2020

Since I am earning some income from #nocode platform vendor and start getting freelance work using #nocode tools to build, I have learned a few things.

  • I should start selling to my existing clients, rather than keep trying to find a new client and selling them #nocode solutions.
  • Client's don't mind how it works, they concern about pricing, and they want the things to get it done.
  • Client's pick me because of the trust we build instead then they believe in #nocode.
  • When you are sending both quotation need to specific the pro and con of both code and nocode solutions.
  • Avoid the clients think that #nocode also can do everything; let me know there will be a limitation.
  • #nocode not always the fastest solution, one of the recent project I have, in the end, need to create 2 component for the platform I use, the amount of time I spend to make those two components enough for me to build the new app from scratch.
  • One of the best parts for pushing #nocode is now my staff that without coding knowledge can help out some of the projects already.
  • It helps me to brainstorm some new ideas to build Adalo related services.