Wanna play the game?

Published on Sep 8, 2020

These days, I'm considering whether to play the Instagram game or not. Is it worth to invest into Instagram as a marketing channel? Is the result I get out of it bigger than the time and energy I put in? 

I'm still undecided. I want to understand the rules of the game, before I commit to it.

I've seen how a friend of mine made it work: she gained about 2000 followers within a year and now mainly fills her workshops by announcing them on Instagram. 

I've also seen how much time she put into making Instagram work for her.

So what work does it take?

  • Consistency and great content: She posts interesting content with appealing photos and graphics 4-5 times per week. Content marketing takes several months to show its results. 
  • Community management & interaction: A commitment of showing up daily and commenting strategically on posts of interesting profiles and sending DMs. She does so for 30min each day. 
  • Planning: A beautiful feed needs planning (I use Later) and a hashtag strategy (30# / post)
  • Staying up to date with the latest trends: Instagram constantly adapts their algorithm and pushes new features, like reels. 

I wanna be all in, accept the rules I can't change and adapt the ones who can be bent or don't play the game. 

Do you have any experience with Instagram for business?