#WeeklyNoCode Week 1: Done

Published on Aug 23, 2020

Week 1, done! I'm super happy with how I committed to finishing this in one week.  This week was also just another powerful reminder of Parkinson's law. Even though I knew that I wanted to pick something where I can pretty easily execute on and give myself some room to breathe and to plan for the next coming weeks, I still end up using all of the time to constantly tweak at the things that perhaps wouldn't matter to other people but were features I cared about. It reminds me of how important it is to prioritize when building, especially in no-code. 

Tomorrow I will be preparing a twitter thread to launch the product. Part of this entire ordeal is to learn to build and learn in public so that I learn to build momentum, but I also encourage others to do the same by "walking the walk." 

I have no idea how the remaining weeks are going to go, but I am still psyched to keep doing this. I can already tell that this will not only accelerate by learning in building, but also how I plan and think through an idea, and finally how I execute it without the fear of others judging the end-product.