#WeeklyNoCode Week 2: Learning

Published on Aug 27, 2020

I've been spending a lot of time this week working in tools like Integromat & Parabola and I realize that I don't have the strongest grasp of how data gets pushed and pull when using an API. I've worked with a lot of BI tools and have always been familiar in using table structures and languages like SQL to pull and transform data as needed, but when instead it's been transferred via an API call I don't have as strong of visualization of how I would go extract the exact information I need.

This uncomfort I'm feeling is exactly the reason I started these no-code challenges. I've persuaded my friend to take on Acuity Scheduling as their main software and now I will figure out an integration between that and Airtable to make sure data is synced between the two using integromat. I've never done an integration that relies on this many automations before, and I'm just so excited I get to take-on a real-life problem. 

I've already made so much progress in determining the best user workflow that would work for their users, now I just need to make sure to create automations that I can teach and hand off to them.

Stay tuned!