#WeeklyNoCode Week 2: Struggles 

Published on Aug 28, 2020

I'm both grateful and dreading this weekly framework I've given myself to complete this specific automation work I'm doing for Coco and the Sun by the end of the week because I've spent more time than I thought not only on flushing out the workflow for signing up a class and then purchasing a package but also how the data will flow from acuity to Airtable to make sure both accounts are synced up. I originally planned to give myself a small break Saturday evening but it feels like I may not be able to finish all I hope to achieve. Since this is a challenge that I've posted publicly, I need to now focus on what I can ship out knowing all the restrictions I've encountered.

Here's still my goal:
Create a duplicable Integromat "recipe" where any independent gym owners who signed up with Acuity Scheduling (by Squarespace) and immediately have their Airtable set up so they can have a backend that they have full control and visibility over.

Ultimate problem I want to solve:
Small & Medium business owners will definitely be one of the earliest people who could benefit most from no-code tools. The trick is to find out what they want and what is the best way to offer them value (then price it correctly). Independent gym owners don't exactly have deep pockets, so I would love to see how they respond if they receive a free duplicable "template" that they can use and whether they're willing to pay to expand upon it.