#WeeklyNoCode Week 3: Last 10%

Published on Sep 5, 2020

I was meant to launch my directory for my Week 3 no-code challenge this week today instead of Sunday since I will be going away for the weekend, but sadly I had a little < 10% left before I can launch it. Working on this project this week had taught me a lesson I almost forgot: you can minimize features and quantity of items you want to include in your initial website in order to speed up the time of shipping it, but one thing you often cannot rush is content and copy.

Since I've decided to focus more heavily on generating original content where I extract a key takeaway a lesson that a modern maker can learn from a history or OG maker, I've significantly underestimated how much time it took for me to finalize the content I want to populate for each member. Originally I had planned for 12, then 6, but after today I was only able to get the first drafts out for 4. 

I may be a little upset that I didn't finish everything I wanted by EOD today, but I am still planning on finding pockets of time to work on the last 10% and ship it out on Sunday. Next time, I will give myself more time when I need to work more heavily on writing content and not simply just building.

Here's the WIP for anyone who's interested: Link 

Stay tuned for more!