#WeeklyNoCode Week 3: Ramping Up

Published on Sep 4, 2020

I'm one day away from shipping my product and I still have a lot of things to work on. I'm so glad that so many people have recommended me to use Pory as there couldn't have been an easier tool to setup. The actual "product" portion of setting up only took me less than 1 hour; the majority of the time was spent thinking through my ideas and then doing research on whether it would work or not, and then research the historical figure I want to feature. Now the final bulk of the work needed to be done in writing the content for these 6 "OG Makers" I've decided to feature. For each person I intend to include the following things:

  • Avatar photo
  • Bullet points of notable achievements 
  • Famous quote
  • takeaway or lessons for modern makers

The reason I want to create a project like this is that I've noticed myself reading a lot less history that I did when I was a kid. I spend so much of my time browsing for inspiration on Twitter, and sometimes through memoirs, autobiographies, and other none-fictions, but very rarely I am very intentional about learning the achievements of past "makers" and lessons I can extract from their successes. 

That's the core goal and motivation behind OG Makers. I hope to use this opportunity to learn more about the lesser-known inventors and innovators in the past and see if I can extract any bite-size wisdom and knowledge for the maker community.