#WeeklyNoCode Week 4: Challenge Prompt

Published on Sep 10, 2020

This week I'm challenging myself to make a mobile app with Glide and I'm super excited. In my career as a Product Manager, I've worked with teams of engineers to build mobile apps before and have spent thousands of hours and dollars to test or validate sometimes just a simple idea that doesn't even really work out. I've always been so frustrated that the best I can do is to create really strong user stories and prototypes so I can hand it off to the engineers to build. But with no-code tools, I can now control the entire development process from ideation to launch. 

Since I only have 3 - 4 days to work on this left, I want to make something as simple as possible but one that I can find immediate value in. Just so happen, I am planning for an outdoor bouldering trip using google sheets, so I'm planning on turning the google sheet that we use into a hyper-personalized Glide app that we are able to use between ourselves on this 4-day trip.

I always say, the best kind of products are the ones that you want to use yourself.
Stay tuned for more updates!