What I did in August 2020

Published on Sep 1, 2020

It's not a good month for me. I was having some good month in June & July, and I thought to Amplify the effect in August, but it failed terribly. First two weeks I was slack. I was thinking to pull myself to focus and mid of the month, but I fall sick + having foot pain. All these combos have ruined my August.

When I finally back to control is almost the end of the months, I try to focus on clearing my work first and concentrate on getting recover both my mental and physical.

Things that I miss out

? not much progress on products ( MetricsHQ / GetPay / NocoderHQ / Glide / API2Widget )

? Miss out lots of self-improvement like reading

? Blogging about weekly maker content

? My content Marketing month target

Challenges that I m facing

? Finally, kickstart rebuilding one of the oldest freelance projects for my client

? Acquired new client for work

? Stresslaxing

? Fall sick

? Maintain minimum workout while having foot pain

? Have lots of idea on the plate but no motivation to execute

Things that I appreciate

? Getting my first #nocode income from vendor

? Live some of the freelance projects

? Maintain the #100daysofdesign

Things that I m excited

? Sign the contract for my new house

Overall not really a good month for me.