What would you do

Published on Sep 13, 2020

if you had unlimited access to money and time?

I like asking people this question.
I love spending time thinking about all the things i want to do. Its exciting to think about all the things I would try to do, problems I would want to solve, all the items on my bucket list without having to worry about having money to do the boring essentials.

It is hard for me to not always have something on my mind to do. Sometimes I wish I could stop thinking of new ideas. My list is ever so long and I keep getting new ideas with every movie I see, every book I read, every conversation I have and especially when I see the news. I have a folder in my google drive called ideas. It is going to need more space soon.

I didn't think I was a creative person until I started to write daily here. And I think the creativity muscle is influencing my ideas about what I want to do with infinite resources. I now carry with me a notebook to write down my ideas wherever and whenever it strikes me. And then it goes into my google drive "Ideas" folder.

One day soon, I will have a company of my own focused 100% on changing that ideas folder into projects that will be executed. All I need is time and money. I got everything else I need.